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Communication, Community, Conectivity

Connecting and empowering schools and communities to take advantage of partnership opportunities in a digital economy.>

A cool way to khuluma.

Kooluma connects communities within their unique circles and out, securely.

  • Simply choose your and password.
  • Create Multiple Accounts/Profiles.
  • Unlimited Members in Tribes, Groups.
  • Private and Secure

App Features

Multiple Profiles

Create multiple profiles for multiple circles. Be online with prefered profile at prefered time. Example, stay offline with family profile while communicating during working hours, and only receive messages from profile specific contacts when you log in again.

Public Tribes

Create unlimited Public Tribes with unlimited members. As a member, join or leave the Tribe at will. These Tribes are open to all. They serve the purpose for community forums, educational chat rooms or corporate partnership networks.

Private Tribes

Create unlimited Private Tribes. These are closed, and only accesible via an invite.


Send messages Unencrypted or OpenPGP.

Bells & Whistles

Upload documents, Pictures, Video or Voice files, or send your location.

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absolutely free



  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Tribe creation
  • Private Tribe creation
  • No cancelation gimics, just stop using Kooluma
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